Selling for the Holidays

The holiday season is an especially busy time for retailers, as the gift-giving fervor extends to both pet owners and their furry friends. Selecting inventory can be quite a draining task with all things considered: What should I carry? How will I sell it? To make your holidays just a bit more comfortable, we offer these recommendations on Selling for the Holidays.

Quilted Carrier
Style No. 3911

This quilted faux-leather carrier recalls the fashion of the rich and famous at an affordable price. Actress Kate Hudson is often seen carrying her Chanel black quilted leather handbag down Hollywood Boulevard. With full carrier functionality including large access openings, mesh panels for visibility and aeration, interior safety features, and airline approval, this quilted carrier makes an upscale addition to your store. If you’re looking to attract customers, pair these bags with suitably fashionable clothes and accessories, like the following:

Houndstooth Coat with Fur-Neck Lining
Style No. 1115

Houndstooth is a popular pattern during the fall and winter, evident by increasing search engine traffic beginning in early September and reaching an annual peak in mid-December. This follows a similar trend in queries for dog clothing that begins late-summer and climbs through fall and winter. This houndstooth coat capitalizes on both: customers appreciate clothing lines that change with the seasons. Just consider your local department store and their shifting inventory. Stocking winter fashion gives an immediate sense of connection to the consumer base and brings repeat business as customers come to expect new fashion each season.
Plus, in recent years, houndstooth has been featured in celebrity fashion, from Rihanna to Gwen Stefani. Young and hip, houndstooth patterns also have a classic, refined-touch. Satisfy your customers and build a reputation as a fashionable, trendy store with our Houndstooth Coats for your hounds.

Cubic Zirconia (CZ) White Gold Necklace
Style No. JB0011

Some entertainers prefer a simple addition to complement their pets. Britney Spears’ pairs her dog’s natural coat with a beautiful necklace. Similarily, our line of precious metal necklaces are adorned with blue or pink rhinestone rings and make an excellent addition to your inventory. Consider it a specialty item: fancy accessories like these necklaces are ideal for attracting shoppers looking for that perfect gift for their pet-loving friends and family. They also cater to customers looking higher-end products in your store. Having a selection of products in varying price ranges makes your store much more accessible to patrons of all backgrounds, a sure way to increase foot traffic.

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